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Read through these Testimonials from some of my satisfied clients......

" I wasted lots of money at many Physiotherapists, without satisfaction.

Now, I can say, Do what I've done.

See Jacqueline and you'll be amazed what she can do for you."

Very satisfied customer

...Hamlyn Heights, Vic

"When I first met Jacqueline, I was round shouldered, back ache and neck ache.

But now, I'm feeling great!"

Much taller customer

...Belmont, Vic

"Since having Therapy done over my body, I can really recomend her services to you.

For the best results, don't delay and see Jacqueline, you'll be very satisfied like me."

Loyal customer

...Geelong, Vic

"Us elderly people deserve to live our lives pain free, so do yourself a favour.

Make an appointment today with Jacqueline. I'm sure you'll be satified with the great results, as I have had."

Satisfied Elderly customer

...Belmont, Vic

"Jacqueline, with the therapy you're applying to my body....

...how wonderful I'm feeling from it.

For a thorough 1st class massage, contact Jacqueline Smollen, you'll be very happy if you do."

Pain free body

...Geelong, Vic

"For the past two years I have been suffering from numerous lower leg 'injuries' including extreme calf tightness, weak ankles and shin splints.

I am a fairly active person who enjoys walking and jogging, and whenever I've attempted to increase my running pace and distance it always seemed to result in further pain and time away from active exercise. During this time I have tried several different remedies in an attempt to eliminate these injuries, ranging from physiotherapy chiropractic therapy, podiatry (including orthotics), naturopathy and swimming. Unfortunately, it got to the stage where I couldn't even walk for 3 km,s without hobbling from severe shin splints.

I found Jacqueline's advertisement in our local magazine and decided to give her a call, based on the services she offered - what a saviour! I've been receiving extensive remedial massage therapy from Jacqueline over the last 6 months, and I'm now able to run for 8 km's without any problems.

I'm absolutely ecstatic, and I know that with ongoing support from Jacqueline in the future I'll be able to continue my current exercise program pain free."

Helene Fuller

...Highton, Vic

 Hi Jacqueline.

Many Thanks to you on your wonderful work throughout both my pregnancies and after.

You do wonders and make me feel a million dollars!"

I recommend you to as many people as I can and hope you do very well in your business."

Thankyou again!

Natalie Schwuch

...Lovely Banks,Vic

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