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"How would you like to pamper yourself or treat someone you love with a massage?"


Here are some special ‘pamper yourself’ deluxe massages to help you decide which massage will suit you or to buy it for a special gift for the one you love.
They make the perfect gift for any occasion!



De-Stress Massage

1 hour 15 min

Indulgue and de-stress!
This popular deep relaxation massage starts with hot towels draped on the face and a light mask applied, followed with the therapist massaging the whole body for total relaxation and a scalp massage is included.

Sinus-Buster Massage

60 min

Feeling congested in the head?
Why not opt for this wonderful treatment that will help to decongest your sinuses; it includes a scalp, face, neck and chest massage followed by an ear candling session.

Aromatherapy Massage

60 min

A relaxing, blissful massage using the highest quality essential oils prepared in your own personal blend. Recommended to restore your body’s natural balance and achieve relaxation of the body and mind on both your physical and sensory levels.

Hand and Foot Massage

50 min

Give your extremities a pampering, (arms, hands, lower legs and feet) this massage relieves tension in your body and helps you to re-focus by balancing your inner calmness.

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