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Aromatherapy Massage

This combines naturally occuring Essential Oils with your favorite massage oil, to provide the ultimate relaxation.

Harness the therapeutic powers of essential oils in a relaxing, restorative massage that combines the sense of smell with the healing value of touch. These beneficial properties of the oils will treat common ailments, promote good health and emotional well being, and to enhance every aspect of your life. These potent, volatile essences are nature's gift to mind and body.Aromatherapy Massage involves the use of pure essential oils and offers a form of Holistic treatment for the whole being.

The essential oils are completely natural and can be used for their fragrance and their effects on mood and emotion, as well as the physical effect through massage.

Applying essential oils combined with relaxation massage to improve physical and emotional well-being. The oils are absorbed through the skin by massage and works on a physical, mental and emotional level.Selected essential oils and base massage oil are combined to create a unique mix for each persons needs.


Massage is the ultimate...

Gift for the one you love!


Let's face it. We live very stressful lives. Why not spoil your loved one today... With the time out they deserve, by giving them a Massage to soothe the body and mind.



your massage specialist for great Gift Voucher ideas for a relaxing, deep tissue or therapeutic massage.

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