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Children Massage

Those of us with children have certainly heard complaints from our kids at various times about how much their joints or arms and legs hurt. Many of us dismiss it as 'growing pains' and leave it at that.

Children play hard and fast and those kids who do a lot of sporting activities will put their bodies through a lot of tension and stress.

It's also a fact that poor posture contributes to back and neck problems, which can result in headaches.

Other common source of muscle problems is due to the incorrect carrying of heavy school bags, and this is where massage comes in. Massage improves circulation, relieves the stretched tissues, eases the discomforts and corrects posture.

For many children in the 21st century, growing into their teenage years can be very stressful.

Research has shown that children who are massaged show decreased levels of stress hormones and children who are experiencing conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma or diabetes show less anxiety and report feelings of increased well being after massage.

Massage therapy is used to help children suffering chronic pain, and research has also shown that children with ADHD, autism and other special needs also benefit greatly.

'Book your child in to have regular massage treatments, and they'll thank you forever.'

Baby Massage

Infants love massage, from the very tiny one week old to toddlers and beyond.

Mothers all over the world instinctively massage their babies and have done so since time began.

Massage can help to calm and soothe babies, it gently stimulates their circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems.

It also works profoundly on their limbic system (the babies emotions).

Essential oils can also be of great benefit, aiding restful sleep and generally helping to balance their routines at an early age.

Massaged babies gain birth weight quicker, teething, distress of wind, colic and constipation can be eased.

Eczema, dry skin and nappy rash can all be soothed by incorporating essential oils into the massage carrier oil. Strengthens immune system functions by increasing resistance to illness and heightens alertness and sociability when your baby is awake.

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